Utility Doors Have Their Own Purpose

Utility doors are the doors that open into your kitchen, garage or laundry room from the outside. Traditionally made of wood, they can also be made with vinyl, fiberglass for added durability and ease of maintenance.


Utility doors are available in a variety of styles, including Dutch doors, solid doors or doors with one or multiple lights (panes of glass).


Like your front entry door, utility doors should be resistant to any harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow, or extreme heat or cold, as they are being used to enter your home.


Our technicians will go over all the pluses and minuses of the different styles and construction of utility doors so that you purchase the door that best fits the needs of your home.


We provide quality first, and above all else. We are proud to say that we offer “Bel-Air quality at Van Nuys prices.”

Call Bel-Air Exteriors today and let us help you find utility doors that suit your home’s needs.