Patio Doors Offer a View to the Outside

Patio doors usually come with a sliding door configuration starting from four feet in width. At Bel-Air Exteriors, we carry patio doors up to 16 feet wide, although we can accommodate a variety of widths. We can add a wide range of panels to any 16-foot wide door or measure the opening to determine the best number for a custom order.


Sliding doors are the standard for patio doors. However, folding patio doors are also available. The doors can be constructed to fold against the wall or, for very wide openings, we can create pockets in the wall, similar to a standard pocket door. This allows a 16-foot door to slide into a wall pocket, leaving only four feet visible and giving you a 12-foot opening for you or your guests to walk through. For those homeowners fascinated with gadgets and who have the budget to support it, there are custom sliding door systems that can disappear at the push of a button.

Before we discuss the type of patio door you want to order, we’ll talk about how you want it to perform, and if that particular style or door solves the issues you’re concerned with, such as energy efficiency, noise reduction and climate control. Call us today.