French Doors Can be Elegant and Functional

French doors are popular with homeowners who want to install a door that opens up into a patio, garden, pool or backyard area, as they bring the splendor of their outdoor area inside. Characterized by their double door structure, French doors have at least one light (glass panel) in the frame, and the frame is designed with a four to five inches wide border on the top and on the sides of the door, and a bottom kick that can be a foot high or more.


This style door is constructed in a variety of materials, including wood, fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, steel or clad (wood on the inside and vinyl or aluminum on the outside). They are available with in-swing or out-swing fittings. The style you choose will depend on how your home is laid out and the amount of leeway you have from where the door swings open to an interior or exterior wall.


In recent years, manufacturers have begun coming out with French-style sliding doors. These work well in areas that have space constraints or don’t allow for hinged swing- in or swing-out doors.

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