Fiberglass Doors: Three Times the Strength of Wood

If you hear the word “fiberglass” and automatically think of boats, surfboards or insulation, you may want to broaden your definition. The substrate is also used for residential doors due to its incredible strength, durability, resistance to harsh weather conditions, and the ability to be imprinted with a variety of rich wood-grain designs.


What is Fiberglass Made of?

Fiberglass is created with molten glass formed into fine glass filaments. Once this is done, the glass fibers are either woven into a material such as insulation or extruded to form a specific shape such as your new door.


Fiberglass = Damage Control

Fiberglass is a tough substrate. It will not rot, warp, bow or dent, and is rust-proof and fire-resistant. Because it can trap pockets of air, it helps insulate your home year-round increasing its energy efficiency.  And its light weight is attractive to both homeowners and their contractors.

If your entry, patio, French or utility doors need replacement consider fiberglass as a no-maintenance option. Contact Bel-Air Exteriors today and discover the wonders of fiberglass.