Entry Doors are Your Home’s First Impression

Entry doors are one of the first things people see when you come up to your home, and they make an impression. Available in a multitude of door shapes and styles to fit the architecture of your home, as well as your concerns about energy efficiency and maintenance, we can find the doors that are perfect for you.


Doors can be constructed of several different materials from natural, rich woods, to fiberglass, steel, vinyl or aluminum. As your entry door leads into your home, it is exposed to the elements, whether it’s the hot sun, rain, snow, salt or high winds. Consequently, if you have a home without an overhang, porch or awning protecting your wooden front door from the sprinklers and weather, your door is going to show the scars of warping, twisting or peeling paint. In this type of scenario, fiberglass holds up much better to the elements. However, there are still homeowners who are not as concerned with the upkeep as they are with having a natural, sustainable product.


At Bel-Air Exteriors, we provide entry doors in a variety of styles, including double arch, single elliptical arch, single square, single true arch and doors with sidelights. For those unfamiliar with the term, sidelights are the side panels often found on entry and French-style doors. The “lights” are the panel or panels of glass inserted into the door or side panel. The glass panel(s) in entry doors, like the glass in windows, is rated for energy efficiency and noise reduction properties.

To find out what your options may be for entry doors, contact Bel-Air Exteriors today.