The Benefits of Clad Doors in Your Home

Clad means “to coat or encase”. And, that is how clad doors are constructed. By combining two materials (vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass) with wood you create a thermal vacuum. This added layer of insulation keeps in the warmth in the winter or coolness during the summer months, while creating the look and feel you want for your home. Usually used as the framework for patio or French doors, clad doors leave little for homeowners to maintain on the outside and provide all the qualities of wood on the inside.


Little Painting Required

One of the biggest parts of maintaining a home’s door frame is painting or varnishing to keep them looking clean,  updated, and to seal the wood.  By using materials such as vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass, you immediately rid yourself of that task, as the materials can be color coated to match your exterior paint requirements. Manufacturers test the materials and coatings applied to them for durability and quality with warranties averaging about 20 years.


In the Design You Want

Have a specific design in mind? Clad doors can be customized to fit your needs with a variety of window (light) patterns.

To find out what your options may be for clad doors, contact Bel-Air Exteriors today.