Bel-Air Makes Your Job Purchasing Multi-Residential Windows and Doors Easier


Bel-Air Exteriors has worked with multi-family housing unit owners and their property managers to provide the best value for their buildings and their tenants since 1997. We work with only the highest quality products that are durable, block out noise and provide comfort. And because we don’t represent any one company, we can provide quality products that fit your exact needs.


We specify windows and doors for duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes or larger multifamily housing units, whether they are in a quiet neighborhood or a densely populated one. For replacement windows, we painstakingly look at your current challenges and find innovative, highly-effective ways to overcome them. For new complexes, we work with architects, builders and developers to make sure the windows fit in with their vision. And we offer a customer warranty.


What Do We Look for When Specifying a Window or Door?


Once we have our discovery session to find out what your specifications for your building are, we take the following elements into consideration. We look for products that are:

  • Energy efficient—We don’t see the point in selling you a window that will not do what it’s supposed do, i.e., increase your energy efficiency, and in turn lower utility bills.

  • Moderate cost—We recognize that outfitting a multi-residential building with windows can be a costly venture. We work with you to find products that meet your needs while keeping your costs in check.

  • Aesthetic—We understand that you want the new windows to match the style and look of the existing ones or, in the case of new construction, to mesh with your architect’s aesthetics.

  • Durable—Because we sell quality products, the windows Bel-Air Exteriors technicians install will last for years.


Windows and Doors in Multi-Residential Projects


Purchasing multiple windows and doors can be costly. In your position as property manager, your goal is to keep costs to a minimum. To do this, you believe you have little choice but to opt for poor quality, inexpensive replacement windows and doors that just meet the building codes, but offer little other value than being able to open and close.


Types of Window Materials


In buildings with more than one unit, vinyl- and aluminum-framed windows are the norm. These materials can be coated in a range of colors, are easy to maintain, have high thermal properties which increase the ability of the window to keep inclement weather out and regulate the interior temperature, and can be matched to existing windows.  Vinyl and aluminum can also be used for larger window openings due to their strength and flexibility.

Although vinyl and aluminum windows have a great deal in common, their lifespans do vary from 20 to 50 years for vinyl and 20 and 25 years for aluminum.


Types of Door Materials


The materials used for door specifications in multi-family residences mirror that of single-family homes. What type of material is specified depends on the needs of the building, the aesthetics, traffic patterns or whether the door is an entry, utility, French or patio door. The most favored doors are those that require the least maintenance including vinyl, steel, and fiberglass. As mentioned above these types of materials provide energy efficiency, are strong and reliable, require minor maintenance and have high thermal properties.


Bel-Air Solves Your Problems


What if you could get quality windows and doors for your building, reap significant savings in replacement costs, and eliminate issues such as leakage and poor energy efficiency?


There is. At Bel-Air Exteriors, we believe you, and your tenants deserve more. That’s why we do a complete assessment matching your buildings’ needs to the appropriate products that will serve you in the long-term.


We’re not interested in only making the sale. We want to build a long-term relationship with you so we can become the supplier of choice for all the properties you manage for years to come. At Bel-Air Exteriors we custom fit windows and doors to your specifications and to all existing building codes. We choose the product based on how well it solves your problems.



When you need to purchase windows and doors think about quality, value and the future headaches you can avoid. Call Bel-Air Exteriors today. We sell Bel-Air quality at Van Nuys prices.