Vinyl Windows are Still #1

Vinyl, one of the more popular materials for window-frames, accounts for 70% of window frames sold for both the multi-family and single-owner residential markets. Vinyl is favored by multi-residential building owners and property managers due to its price point, durability, easy maintenance and energy efficiency. Plus, the material can be customized with a variety of color coatings and is recyclable. Vinyl is used most in the low-rise residential buildings where smaller, standard-size windows are often specified.


Vinyl Windows Provide Cost-Savings


Vinyl windows are known for their energy efficiency, thus lowering utility bills and operating costs. Vinyl frames offer a low U-value (measures how much heat energy is gained or lost) and higher R-value (an energy efficiency rating that measures vinyl’s resistance to heat flow) than other materials.


Vinyl Windows Have a Long Life-Span


Vinyl windows made of virgin vinyl and reinforced with steel, if maintained properly, can last up to 50 years, making them typically a one-time investment for multi-residential unit property owners. The window's lifespan is also impacted by the type of installation used and how well it was carried out.


Vinyl Windows Require Little Maintenance


Due to its finish, high-quality vinyl framed windows require no preparation and no need for retouching. Once the color coating is applied, it should last for the life of the window. Vinyl does not dent, warp or rust. And, after a simple wash, looks as good as the day it was manufactured.

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