Doors That Meet Your Style and Comfort Needs

Like windows, doors for your home can be customized to meet your individual style, as well as your climate and durability needs. If you live in an area with high winds, rain, ice or snow, you may not choose the same door construction as you would if you lived in an area with milder weather. To accommodate these conditions a home may have different windows on different sides of the house.


There are four basic types of residential doors: entry, French, patio and utility. Each style can be produced in wood, fiberglass, steel, vinyl and aluminum or clad.


Depending on your taste, doors are designed with sidelights (side panels with glass), a single elliptical, square or true arch. And then there are the elements known as transoms that sit above the main door to enhance the style, available in arched, elliptical, routed top or square top designs.


Some of the materials offer more energy efficiency, others are easier to care for and maintain, and then there are those that meet all these requirements. The door you choose for your home depends on your taste, needs and budget.


Door Fabrication Has Evolved Over the Years

Door styles come and go, but for years the favored construction material had been wood. Then other materials started to come onto the residential scene, such as fiberglass, steel, vinyl and aluminum. Which is better for your home? That depends on your energy requirements, comfort level, aesthetic needs and, most importantly, how the door will be used in the home.  Doors are given a fenestration rating for strength. Building codes demand a rating of 15. Every five points increases the strength rating two times over.


Wood Doors

Wood doors are known and loved for their texture, strength, and malleability. They can be painted or stained in any color, and their richness can be further enhanced with elaborate carvings. People love the feel and look of wood because the details of the grain come through.


Fiberglass Doors

Today, when people want or need to replace their wooden doors, many choose to switch to fiberglass, especially for front and utility doors. Why fiberglass? It can be pre-formed with a smooth or fairly realistic wood grain pattern, does not require painting as its skin can be pre-stained is a stronger substance than wood and are energy efficient. And because it is not a natural material, it will not twist, expand or warp like wood. Fiberglass doors provide better insulation than other materials such as wood, vinyl or aluminum. Although they are not indestructible, they withstand a great deal of punishment from the elements and are virtually maintenance free.  Fiberglass doors are stronger than wood doors because they are done as a single unit and not n panels like wood doors.


Aluminum Doors

Although aluminum doors are used to a great extent in commercial buildings, they have also found their way into the home market. Aluminum frames have a narrower profile than frames made from other materials and due their flexibility can be used in intricate designs. They are easy to maintain and are durable, but are not recommended for corrosive conditions such as near salt water.


Clad Doors

A more expensive choice, clad doors are made with a synthetic product (vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass) facing the outside and wood on the inside. The doors are available in all styles—entry, patio, utility and French.


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